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The Connoisseur (Nergis Dalal)

The story of the "Connoisseur":

In the short story "The Connoisseur" the narrators and Miss Krishna are presented as a perfect hand to each other. While the narrator is a window, Miss Krishna is an old girl. Both live alone. The narrator is an active writer while Miss Krishna lives in a small annuity abandoned by her mother. They meet in an art exhibition and know each other. Miss Krishna is a tactical woman. She knows how to impress people and get the benefits she wants. It also makes people sympathize with their miserable situation. She has a lot of complaints against her mother, who was biased by her younger sister. She insists that her life is a continual struggle for poverty. It is sad for its thick leaves, non-carpeted floors, ceramic jars and plates, and ugly and discarded furniture. She feels like the House of the narrator and article on it. She says she's hungry for pretty things. She claims that beauty is the panacea for all her ills.

Compared to Miss Krishna, the narrator is a self-contained, complacent and plaintive lady Sweet. She remained very busy writing her writings. She is thoughtful, but not talkative like Miss Krishna. However, the narrator feels a sense of sympathy for Miss Krishna and even to collect her income. The narrator, on the other hand, likes to live alone and prosper. He has no financial worries. With some luxury needed makes your life work smoothly. The narrator only brings back miss Krishna out of sympathy. But Miss Krishna brings a number of black tribes and fills the house with them. She moves around the house, chooses little things and asks a number of questions about her, and annoys the narrator in her work. He even asks about unwanted questions about the late husband of the narrator, his relationships and his profits. They probe in all subjects and irritate the narrator. He even reads his manuscripts, even though he is immoral.

Under the pretext that a thing of beauty is joy forever, Miss Krishna pilfers precious little things from the homes of her hosts. Their black tribes are full of them. Even his big bag contains armhole which belong to others. She shows all her new things armhole to the narrator and claims she bought them at a very affordable price. The narrator understands that Miss Krishna wants beautiful things just to look at them, but not to decorate their homeland with them or sell them for money. One day she offers the narrator a small Burmese box as a gift, but the latter refuses him because she accepts no gift from anyone to be a woman who respects herself.

What is curious is that before his death, Miss Krishna made everything to the narrator. When the black tribes are open, the narrator finds his watch lost among dozens of small things. She only takes her watch and leaves the rest to Miss Krishna's sister. So while the narrator is an ordinary, simple and honest woman, Miss Krishna is a curious, mysterious and enigmatic woman who deserves the pseudonym Maya. Perhaps his troubling character is due to the eccentricity common to the old girl. Miss Krishna is the cross that the narrator carries with as much cheerfulness as possible.

The character of Miss Krishna:

Miss Krishna was a 65-year-old girl. He lived in a small house in a small annuity that his mother left behind. Miss Krishna Mala a younger sister who all receive the love and affection of her mother. It seems that the beginning of life was a struggle for poverty. Miss Krishna gave the impression that she had a passion for beauty. She used to loot beautiful stuff like mugs, spoons, candles, wooden statues, silver vases, Jade Buddha, Jade Buddha, precious gemstone watches, which she safely stowed on a number of black trunks. She knew how to fend for others. As a gullible woman, the narrator believed her words and took her home for a cup of tea. Miss Krishna was all praised for the artistic and glowing cut as well as other things in the house. He cursed his house like a hut.
Miss Krishna had many stories to tell. One day he told the author that his house was soaked and painted, and he moved to the House of the writer on the suggestion of the narrator. She brought a large number of black tribes and said that they contained their precious things. These precious things were these armhole from other houses. Never, for once, did the narrator suspect her. Miss Krishna was a lovely guest. I used to ask endless questions, pick up things and distract the narrator. She was also picky about food. It was inappropriate for a guest. He was also eager to meet the late husband of the narrator, his relationships and his gains. He has planned to collect his resources and share the House on a permanent basis. The narrator was worried about it. One day, discovering that the temple and the painting of Miss Krishna's house had ended a week earlier, the narrator asked her to return to her own house. At that time, Miss Krishna read the manuscripts of the narrator. It was not ethical of the guest. The narrator hated the strange nature of Miss Krishna.

Miss Krishna always wore a large leather bag with handles. The purse could absorb any number of small things without a bump. One day he opened it and showed the narrator a cup of coffee and a saucer of red and gold. Later, when the narrator visited a friend's house, she came to know that the coffee tray was bought from the armhole by Miss Krishna Our twelve sets of friends in Paris. Miss Krishna showed the narrator the other things he had in armhole. From her little business, Miss Krishna offered to give the narrator a small Burmese box, but he refused to accept it.

The most astonishing thing was that before she died, Miss Krishna left everything to the narrator. When the black boxes of Miss Krishna's sister were opened, the narrator found only unique pieces of beautiful things, all armhole. Among these pieces, the narrator found his own lost watch and wanted to take it. It is clear that Miss Krishna loved the beautiful things. Her sense of beauty was his panacea or cure for all her ills. Perhaps these things of beauty gave him joy in life. The story has a touch of mystery. Miss Krishna's actions are confusing. It's always a mystery. No wonder your sister called her Maya.

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