Satyajit Ray:

Masters of Fairy tales, it is one of the highest spheres of world cinema. As one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, Ray dominates the craft of storytelling through a simple but emotional narrative. Despite the fact that they are in colloquial language, the films of Oumar Ray's band appeal to a universal audience with their subtle representations of the spectre of emotion and human relations.

He justifies his observation that film making is a difficult thing: according to the film company's films, it is a difficult business for several reasons. This is true for Indian films, especially for Bengali films. With sufficient financial support, men and materials, it is easy for Hollywood to make a movie like Spartacus, or for Soviet Russia to make a movie like war and Peace. They can represent battles, frenzy, earthquakes, fires, processions of victories and other similar scenes.

But in India, the epics cannot be shown because we do not have enough money, the market and the technology to compete with Hollywood. So we chose the intimate kind of cinemas. Our rooms have accepted the atmosphere and the atmosphere instead of the size and the spectacle. Although our financial situation has improved somewhat, we still have our own problems.

If we are planning to make films from the initial stage, the first problem is to find an effective story that looks like the property. It is the director who chooses the story. Your choice is based on two considerations. You are to make your taste or sympathy for the story and your confidence that the story is a good movie. Public opinion is also important here. The director must bear in mind that if the film does not bring back its cost or capital, his shoulders will lose confidence in it. It becomes undesirable and a bad risk. A director can explore new themes and aspects of society and human Relations, but only a minority audience or spectators will find them. The Director should therefore pay attention to his budget. Likewise, the director should avoid the whole body treatment of physical passion. The love scenes in India should be suggestive only in the spirit of established moral conventions.

There are other problems as well. We can't show a corrupt politician, a corrupt banker with a Gandhi hat, and an office manager passing by an Anglo-Indian. We can't deviate a bit from a popular classic. As far as history is concerned, the director's options are very limited. He's in a tight field. The next problem is finding the right casting. We have no agents to explore the talents. Even if there are talented people, they don't respond to ads. The next problem is shooting. Our studies have cracks in the walls. They are contaminated by rodents. There are holes in the floors and the rooms moan. The electricity is dropping. Despite all these problems, it is in the power of the director to make a good movie or a bad movie. It is exciting to be able to create beauty even in the absence of needs and amenities.

The problems of casting in Indian films:

In Indian film making casting has its problems. This is the first step in the process of interpretation. In Indian films, some documents are pre-cast. The roles are created by keeping some actors and actresses in mind. But there are no professional players for the role of a 80-year-old grandfather. Similarly, there are no players for smaller roles such as ordinary men, women, children, farmers, traders, teachers, prostitutes, etc. The question is how to find actors for these roles. In most countries there are agents that keep a list of all the additional players available. The director can choose his performers. There are no agents and hunters in India. People who deserve do not respond to announcements of anxiety or suspicion of Refection. Those who react are not suitable for roles. Therefore, research is done in the streets between pedestrians, in contests, parties and wedding receptions. He had the chance to find the right players for his roles, but the possibility of failure was always around the corner. There is always a strong lack of good professional actors and middle-aged and superior actresses. There are roles that can only be brought to life by professionals. So casting is always a problem to make movies.

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