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GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Exam is one of the toughest exams conducted for admissions in post-graduate programmes in India. This exam is organized basically to test the complete knowledge of a person in various undergraduate subjects of Engineering and Technology in a very smart manner. It is jointly organised by IISc Bangalore and 7 IITs ( IIT Bombay, IIT DelhiIIT GuwahatiIIT KanpurIIT KharagpurIIT Madras, IIT Roorkee). GATE Score has great importance as it is used to get admission into different post-graduate programmes. So here are the GATE Exam Syllabus for various streams of Engineering and Technology in details. But before we move, lets have a look at certain new things which have been introduced in GATE 2014 Exam-
  • Female candidates are not needed to pay the application fee
  • There will be ONLINE Computer based test
  • All candidate info as well as if they have any issue regarding anything will be available in a single online applicant interface of GATE
  • During Online application a candidate must upload signature and photograph
  • A new method has been introduced to calculate GATE exam score
There are 21 papers in which GATE exam is being conducted. Here we have got all the syllabus of GATE :-
GATE Exam Syllabus/ GATE Syllabus as follows:-
Gate entrance exam logo
Gate syllabus
1. GATE 2014 Syllabus for Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology Engineering: [code-CS]
Computer science and Information technology is one of the fastest growing field which provides many opportunities to explore. It has generated many new and interesting jobs. Students appearing for gate CS & IT can go through the syllabus which will be of great help to them.
2. GATE Syllabus for Electronics and Communication Engineering: [code-EC]
Electronics and Communication Engineering have job opportunities in the field of Software and Electronics companies. One can go for research and development field as well. Candidates preparing for gate in electronics and telecommunication engineering can go through this to get the full syllabus of gate.
3. GATE Syllabus for Electrical Engineering: [code-EE]
Although Electrical field has many opportunities but many electrical engineers opt for higher studies.They desire to study for post graduate degree.Students preparing for gate electrical can go through the gate syllabus here.
4. GATE Syllabus of Mechanical Engineering: [code-ME]
It has application in every field of Technology. It is said to be the evergreen trade.The need of Mechanical Engineers has increased exponentially over time with the drastic increase in the Industrial Sector. Mechanical Engineers preparing for gate exam can go through the syllabus.
5. GATE Syllabus of Aerospace Engineering: [code-AE]
Those who are passionate to pursue their career into airplanes, jumbo jets etc. go for this aerospace engineering. A student must have creative and analytical mind to go for this engineering. All those candidates preparing for gate taking aerospace as their paper can click on the link to get the full syllabus.
6. GATE Syllabus for Civil Engineering: [code-CE]
As we know civil engineering is the oldest professional course that deals with building designing etc. Construction industry is gaining in demand which in turn increasing the demand of Indian Engineers. Civil engineers who want to go for higher studies can go for this gate exam.
7. GATE Syllabus for Agricultural Engineering: [code-AG]
An agricultural engineer applies 3 things that is knowledge of biological science,engineering science and technology to agricultural production. As the agriculture contribute max for the growth and development of Indian economy ,which make it an important sector. Candidates preparing for gate exam can follow the link to get the entire syllabus.
8. GATE syllabus for Architecture and Planning: [code-AR]
Architecture in India will be providing great opportunities for hopeful students with the prime motive of essential requirement of modern infrastructure that too with varied range of careers in this field.Candidates preparing for gate exam can follow the link and get the full syllabus.
9. GATE Syllabus for Biotechnology: [code-BT]
Biotechnology is one such field that fulfill the need of industrial sector like food and beverages industry, textiles industry, medicines etc. One must have sound knowledge in science and also have general aptitude for science and scientific applications in order to pursue career in biotechnology.Students preparing for gate exam can get the syllabus here.
10. GATE Syllabus for Chemical Engineering: [code-CH]
Chemical engineering is such a branch that combine physical science or life science with economics & mathematics to processes in order to convert raw materials into its more usable forms .Candidate preparing for gate exam can get the syllabus here..
11. GATE Syllabus for Chemistry: [code-CY]
The great challenge in this field is the development of a coherent explanation of the complex behavior of the materials. Candidates preparing for gate taking chemistry as their paper can get the entire syllabus here following the link given..
12. GATE syllabus for Geology and Geophysics: [code-GG]
Geologists and Geophysicists have good career prospects in private sectors as well as in government firms. They can also go for research in various institutes like Essar Oil limited, Coal India Limited etc. Interested candidates can get the full syllabus here.
Gate syllabus logo
Gate Exam Syllabus of all Papers
13. GATE syllabus for Instrumentation Engineering:[code-IN]
Instrumentation engineering put emphasis on measuring instruments,process control in order to plan and configure an automated systems.There is great need of engineers in a vast field like robotics. Interested students those who are preparing for gate can get the syllabus here.
14. GATE Syllabus for Mathematics: [code-MA]
Whether its economics or consultancy or computer science mathematics is needed for the execution of plans. Mathematical Science plays an important role in order to compute inventory lapses. Interested persons have basically 2 options research or teaching line.Students preparing for gate can get the entire syllabus here.
15. GATE Syllabus for Mining Engineering: [code-MN]
This is one of the fields that is interesting as well as diverse in nature. Generally Mining engineers have demand in gulf countries but India has also stored potential growth in this particular sector.Mining engineers preparing for gate exam can get the syllabus here.
16. GATE Syllabus for Metallurgical Engineering: [code-MT]
Metallurgical engineers can be a part of the industry which produces,sells refines,buys or manufactures metals or metallic compounds.They can also go for higher studies like to avail excellent jobs. Metallurgical engineers preparing for gate can get the entire syllabus here.
17. GATE syllabus for Physics: [code-PH]
Physics has made remarkable contributions through advancement in new technologies which led to the emerge of new products which changed modern day society. Those who are preparing for gate exam taking physics as their paper, they can get the syllabus here following the link.
18. GATE syllabus for Production and Industrial engineering: [code-PI]
Industrial engineering deals with optimization of complex process whereas Production engineering deals with combination of manufacturing technology and management science. Candidates can get the full gate exam syllabus here.
19. GATE syllabus for Textile Engineering and Fibre Science: [code-TF]
Textile Engineering is also called textile technology which is the detail study of various principles of engineering and  scientific methods. Use of fibre Science in order to make the strongest  engineering materials from fibres. Candidates can get the entire syllabus here.
20. GATE Syllabus for Engineering Science: [code-XE]
Engineering science is a combination of different disciplines. Here students can co-relate engineering disciplines with science.candidates appearing for gate exam in this paper can get the entire syllabus here.
21. GATE syllabus for Life Science :- [code-XL]
Life science is that science field which includes the scientific study of living organisms like animals, plants and human beings along with bioethics. Students can get the entire syllabus for life science by following the link.
NOTE: Here for every paper there is a code for example [code-BT] refers to Biotechnology. Similarly for different papers, their respective code has been mentioned.

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