E-Approval System Java Project

What is an E-Approval System (EAS)? The E-Approval System provides an internet platform for sharing electronic documents, submitting files, completing tasks and tracking approval process. It was developed due to the global nature of many organizations which involve key persons often based in different parts of the world. The approval process must flow seamlessly to(…)

Magic Bouncing Ball Java Game

Magic Bouncing Ball For the Game the displaying window is Frame. The Frame is window is imported from java.awt.Frame API. Some of the important methods in Frame class are setVisible and setSize without these two methods frame won’t be visible and the size will not be defined. The other methods used are setLocationRelativeTo(null) and     setResizable(false).(…)

Apple IOS Seminar Report

Apple IOS Seminar Report and Seminar Topic explains in detail about overview of apple IOS Origin of Iphone Apple IOS 4 Apple is the leading brand all over the world. It has it product like iPods, iPhone, and apple laptops. They use apple operating system which is used in all its products. It is very(…)

Student Secure File Storage PHP Project

Existing System: Students store files in online confidentially. In that students create a new folder and save the files that is o secure because any one can see the files and change any modifications , so if any person delete this files student may loss the his data permanently. So it the disadvantage of the(…)

4G Wireless Technology Seminar Report

4G wireless technology seminar Report Consists of these topics Introduction vision of 4G key 4G technologies 4G is the new upcoming technology which helps us to stay connected to the world through internet. It is the most intelligent technology. This document provides us in details explanation about this technology. Why 4G: 4G is the abbreviation(…)

Seminar Report Internet Telephony

Topics included in Internet Telephony seminar Report are standards of internet telephony classes of connection requirements of internet telephony management Internet plays a very vital role in our life. We use internet for various purpose.  Some use it to get the information from Google, some use it to stay in contact with friends, relative and(…)

Bluetooth Technology Seminar Report PPT

In this buetooth technology seminar report topics we cover are bluetooth based sensor network a wireless sensor network bluetooth module hardware architecture Use of internet and communication of internet has become the most important technology. When we go through the history of communication technology of last few years we can see that there has much(…)

Optical Mouse Seminar

Optical Mouse technology Seminar Topic with Full report covers Data Interface Inside a Mouse Inside an optical Mouse Benefits of optical mouse Computers and laptops is need of our day – to – day life. While using computers we need a mouse to go through all the processes of our computer right from selecting a(…)

Holographic Memory Seminar

Holographic Memory seminar report consists of Abstract creating hologram Retrieving hologram Recording of data in holographic memory system Computer Memory storage is most important concern for people using computers. Larger companies which need more data storage space they use data centers which store large storage systems for them. They also provide solution as holographic memory.(…)


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